SmartTer: a Vehicle for Autonomous Navigation and Mapping in Outdoor Environments

The goal of our participation in ELROB2006 is to demonstrate fully autonomous navigation and 3D mapping in outdoor setting. Our robots is based on a standard Smart car that has been equipped with five distance laser sensors, three cameras, a differential GPS and an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and four computers. The car system states are directly accessed through the can bus. Localization and Navigation is realized by fusing all available sensory information in a probabilistic way. This enables us for high precision localization and dynamic local and global path planning. Using the 3D point clouds extracted from the rotating lasers and the omnidirectional image the smartTer is able to consistently register the 3D Maps and Analyze the Scene for regions of interest.

Futuretrends: Drone vendor.

Update: SmartTer on ZDF TV

More information about SmartTer : [Poster (PDF)] [Technical Paper (PDF)]

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